Women's Sleep Health - Your Sleep Hygiene

Women’s Sleep Health – Part One – Sleep Hygiene
Sleep hygiene is a variety of habits, routines and practices that directly impact and promote better sleep quality and more vitality.
Good sleep hygiene practices include:
•    Going to bed within +/-20 minutes of chosen hour to allow 7-8 hours of actual time asleep.
•    Limit daytime naps to 30 minutes or less. While these erase sleep debt and increase energy and alertness, more than 30 minutes often impacts the end-of-day sleep cycle.
•    Stop the stimulation! No caffeine or extended screen time 2 hours prior.
•    Get exposure to daylight and evening light. Our melatonin production begins with daylight exposure and is assisted by the natural changes after sundown.
•    Max the Relax: quiet music, books, warm shower, yoga or stretching, and let the stress issues go for a while.
•    Get a great mattress and pillow that you love: if your comfort is all about what the Princess likes, then great sleep is yours!
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