Make Your EQ a VIP

Quick Quiz:

(Q) Insufficient Sleep adversely affects your mood: yes / no(A: YES)

(Q) Insufficient Sleep adversely affects your cognition: yes / no (A:YES)

(Q) Insufficient Sleep adversely affects your EQ: yes / no(huhh??)

EQ is a person’s ability to be empathetic with others, to identify and have control over ones’ own emotions, to use emotions to facilitate thinking, and to understand the meaning of emotions.

In our work and career, EQ is the measurement of how well we understand ourselves and other people, giving us the edge on creating cooperation, on solving problems, on being more successful as leaders.

Insufficient Sleep directly and significantly downgrades your capacity to be at your best with interpersonal functioning, stress management, behavioral coping, and your logic/reasoning process. Being at our best requires discipline, motivation, awareness, communication, and change & conflict management. Sleep is the opportunity we have to recharge and renew.

Success in life and career comes from IQ and EQ, with IQ being 10-20% of what makes each of us great and EQ is all the rest! Therefore, just as we do with our choices for diet, exercise, clothing, etc make the choice for optimal Sleep!