Your mattress should control posture and alignment...  for 10 years....
even if your weight changes!


  • NOT SAG: be durable, without component breakdown or big body impressions.

    for better sleep, healing and wellness!

  • PROVIDE TARGETED LOWER BACK SUPPORT no matter how soft or firm the mattress.

  • ALLOW PERSONAL COMFORT: suited to the individual on each side instead of one-size-fits-both.

  • PROMOTE HEALTHY BREATHING: be hypoallergenic and be objectively tested for chemical safety.

  • REDUCE PERSPIRATION by using breathable natural materials rather than plastics.

  • FEEL STABLE: Nearly motionless, not full of bounce.

  • BE MODIFIABLE to increases its comfort, performance, and your satisfaction.

  • BE AFFORDABLE: offering premium features while respecting everyone's budget.

Our ergonomic mattresses built in the U.S. using European components provide:


1. Complete support, tailored to each individual
2. Dual-adjusted for each partner's side.
3. Quiet sleep with far less motion.
4. Safe breathing from using materials tested for chemical safety.
5. Lower humidity and comfortable sleeping temperatures.
6. Resilience and durability: they hold their shape years longer.

Your Back Matters and has a profound impact on your over all health. For anyone seeking the best mattress for their back this is a MUST watch video.

We set out to design and build our mattresses based on the popular European model but incorporating modifications that result in even better ergonomic performance. The results are a unique blend of ortho-engineering and high-quality touches that work together to provide a mattress tailored to fit YOU, producing an ergonomic improvement that you can instantly feel.

You WILL feel a difference on our ergonomic sleep systems the first time you visit.

We have been redesigning and fine tuning beds to promote healthier sleep for the last 25 years. We have produced unparalleled ergonomic performance by analyzing scientific data on sleep, keeping up with continuous product development, and providing our unique tailor fit approach. Visit our Yellow Springs showroom and feel the difference.

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