Q: Are your mattresses organic?

A: We feel it is important to not mix up the terms “natural” and “organic”. 
Although our mattress cover is made from certified organic cotton and Plein Air wool, we do not advertise our mattresses as being organic because we think this might mislead consumers to assume that the whole mattress is certified organic. When you check out “organic mattresses” ask the question which components exactly are certified organic – you will find that the only certified organic component is the outer cover material with all other materials at best being natural.

Q: Is your latex organic?

A: To date there is only one small plantation in Sri Lanka that claims organic plantation status. However, it is impossible to make latex foam without additives (soap, sulphur, gelling agents etc.) which in our view would render any originally organic raw material non-organic at the end of the process - comparable to dying organic cotton with some artificial dye and still calling the end product organic. At this point organic latex foam does not exist.

We believe that 100% natural latex is superior to latex blends with regards to performance and longevity. It is crucial to buy latex from Oekotex certified manufacturers where the latex production process is tightly controlled and the latex thoroughly washed at the end of the cycle resulting in a pure product that is the best choice for a healthy, chemical-free sleep environment.


Q: Is your latex fumigated?

A: No. Although we import our latex, it is not fumigated.  Only import containers containing untreated wood (mainly pallets) are subject to this law. Since fumigation is very expensive (think termite treatment of your home) every importer will request their suppliers use widely available heat treated and certified pallets instead.


Q: How do you make your mattresses flame retardant?

A: We use pure sheep wool as a natural flame barrier in our mattress cover design to meet the standard. Wool (like any natural hair) burns cool, self extinguishes after a very short period and leaves a char layer that works as a very efficient heat insulator to protect the core from ignition. We do not use any chemical sprays or artificial flame barriers in any of our materials for mattresses or foundations. Wool is very expensive and this is not the most cost-effective, but the most natural and healthiest way to meet the flammability standard.

Our mattresses and mattress sets have been tested by the relevant government approved laboratories and passed the open flame test with a comfortable margin. The relevant information can be found on the law label and the Certification of Compliance issued for each delivery.

 Q:What about chemicals?

A: Our mattresses contain no harmful chemicals, no PBDEs, no formaldehyde, no dangerous residues that can be inhaled or absorbed. The textile components of our beds have been thoroughly tested and certified 100% clean and safe by Oekotex, an independent testing agency based in Europe.