Why should I choose Design Sleep's 100% natural  talalay latex mattress?  Because you want…

Design Sleep on the news explaining natural latex mattresses

  1. ~easy choices with 4 simple firmness options.

  2. ~the highest quality 100% natural talalay latex on Earth.

  3. -Breathable organic stretch cotton and Plein Air merino wool.

  4. ~High Performance components from Europe.
    ...where they've made latex mattresses 70+ years.

  5. - a tailor fit your mattress to respect your curves.

  6. ~Precise control of your back support with our European Slat foundation.

  7. ... and to work with knowledgeable people who genuinely care about people.

Why try a natural  latex mattress?

 If you like a gentle, conforming feel with a slight bounce, then you will love our 100% Natural Talalay latex mattresses.  At Design Sleep, we offer exceptional quality, value, and provide simple choices.

We also offer insight from 29 years of  experience of designing, building, and sleeping on  European latex mattress systems. Basic natural latex mattresses, made with layers of foam have only recently become popular in the U.S.  Our approach is unique. Our European design built with European components in the U.S. has been developed over the last 80 years through the science of ergonomics.

OK.... Keep it simple... 
                two easy choices:

Natural Latex Classic
from 1,400.00
from 350.00

About our 100% Natural Latex: The Vita Talalay® production process of freezing, vulcanization and oxidization of the purest latex creates a superior component for top quality mattresses, toppers and pillows. Years of market research and product development have led to a product range of exceptional quality of which each individual product caters to specific demands of your customers. All Vita Talalay® products offer maximum ventilation, which helps to dissipate body moisture and surpass all other foams in terms of resilience and durability. Above all, sleeping on Vita Talalay® provides the necessary energy for a successful day.


Visit vitatalalay.com for more information on our amazing latex, and watch this video to see the superior airflow that natural talalay provides.


Without Additives
The Vita Talalay® Natural product consists of 100% natural latex without additives. Its latex is extracted from the Hevea Brasiliensis latex tree that grows in South-East Asia. An additional benefit of having a 100% natural latex mattress is that it is eco-friendly.

A little history of our latex supplier, Radium Foam in Holland

Radium Foam is looking back at a proud history of 50 years producing its Vita Talalay® latex. Since 1961 the company has been applying its refined Talalay latex production method that gives its products their unique open cell structure and unrivaled quality.

Being the most experienced Talalay producer, we create strong brands. Together with our customers we set a benchmark for the entire bedding industry. We maintain excellent and worldwide relationships with companies in the bedding industry. We believe that a good night´s rest is essential to feeling energized during the day. This is why we provide our customers with nothing less than the highest quality bedding components available on the market for more than half a century!

The factory started working with latex since 1932 in Maastricht and in 1961 Radium Latex acquired the Talalay production rights and started producing Talalay latex. In 1991 Radium Foam became part of the Comfort Foam Division of the Vita Group, a world leader in specialist polymer technology, with close to 80 sites in 24 countries and employing around 5,000 people. Currently, we sell to more than 30 countries in the world.

1932 Started working with latex in Maastricht.
1950 Foundation N.V. Radium Latex.
1959 Acquisition by Vredestein.
1961 Started manufacturing Talalay Latex.
1971 Acquisition Vredestein (and therefore also N.V. Radium Latex) by Goodrich.
1976 Acquisition Vredestein by dutch state (50% stock) from Goodrich.
1978 Radium Foam became an independent subsidiary of Vredestein.
1991 Joined the Vita Group.
1994 Radium Foam’s biggest investment ever in a brand new factory.
1996 Grand opening new factory.
2011 Celebrating 50 years Vita Talalay®.