Your back support while sleeping has a profound impact on your overall health.

For anyone seeking the best mattress for their back this is a MUST watch video.

Your back should be free from sagging and twisting while you sleep. Maintaining torsional alignment in which the spine is not twisted or turned is more important to comfortable, pain-free sleep than simply maintaining a straight spine.Our spines can rotate and twist and misalignment of the spine during sleep can lead to muscular skeletal stress, muscular stiffness, and back pain in the morning

Torsional alignment also impacts our oxygen intake, a key factor to a healthy night’s sleep. U.S. mattresses don’t FIX THE TWIST

The support (or construction) of most mattresses is the same head to foot, yet most bodies need varying support head to foot. This is why we say most mattresses offer 2D support. Targeted support (3D Support) allows you to make a mattress softer by the hips and shoulders while adding support to the lower back and knees.


At Design Sleep, we understand that three-dimensional support is a critical factor in mattress performance. Our flexible mattress provides an elastic surface that contours to fit your body, minimizing pressure at the shoulders and hips while supporting the curves at your waist and back. Our adjustable slat system allows us to create an even greater depth of contour, with modifiable TARGETED LOWER BACK SUPPORT and knee lift. When your body is properly supported without strain, you can breathe more deeply, increasing your oxygen intake. For full-body alignment, our Oxygen Pillow provides the support your head and neck require for deeper breathing—and a more restful night’s sleep.