Our Breathable Bedding creates a deliciously comfortable, unquestionably healthy sleep retreat for two.

 Natural Wool conducts moisture away from the body absorbing up to one third of its weight without feeling damp, allows air to circulate, and dissipates moisture much faster than down or polyester.

The resulting dry sleep environment naturally repels dustmites and reduces allergic reactions, night-time sniffles and coughs. Synthetics produce moisture and thick cotton battings take a long time to dry out, which is why they provide the perfect humid climate for mold, mildew and dust mites to                                                                                                        thrive- affecting breathing and causing allergies.

Thermal balance is a crucial, yet often overlooked factor in your sleep environment. Sleep deeper with our natural fill comforter. Your choice of washable wool or camel hair fill.

Available in
Queen size 88x92"  Wool 330  Camel 490  
King: 106x92"  Wool 380  Camel 570