Why consider Motorized Adjustable?

1. Why not?

Where do you spend your time? Do you unwind in bed and perhaps read or watch Netflix?  Our world is constantly getting more stressful and people are actually spending more time relaxing in bed. So rather than using a thousand misfit pillows to get comfortable, why not make your bed the most  ergonomically comfortable seat in the house.  Your purchase of one of our adjustable mattress systems is worth the investment.  Schedule your visit today to learn about the immediate health benefits of adjustable beds.  Visit our contact page to schedule an appointment.

Legra Best Adjustable Bed

2. Breathing Problems

Both sleep apnea and snoring can be helped and many times FIXED with positional therapy.  That means elevating the head anywhere from two to 10 inches.  Many doctors will recommend sleeping with the head elevated for their patients with breathing problems. This usually means trying to sleep with numerous pillows stuffed behind your head, neck and back. With an adjustable bed, you can achieve the elevation you need to help you breathe better and you won’t have to constantly adjust and readjust the pillows throughout the night.

3. Back Pain

There is very little that medical science can do for back pain even though millions suffer. An adjustable bed can help relieve back pain. By sleeping in a slightly different position every night you will rotate the pressure points in the spine. If you sleep with your feet slightly elevated (4 to 5 inches) and the head flat, you will reverse the pressure on your lower back. By raising the head of the adjustable bed all the way up, you can get in and out of bed without twisting your back as you do in a regular bed.

4. Acid Reflux

The food ingested by you is digested by the stomach with the help of an acid produced and stored by it.  The stomach walls are built strong enough to store that acid without causing damage. Acid Reflux or Hiatal Hernia is a condition where the acids in the stomach want to come up into the throat. There is a failure in a valve in the top of the stomach that causes the condition. By sleeping with the head of the bed elevated, gravity keeps the fluids in the stomach.

5. Circulation

For those who suffer from circulatory disorders, many doctors recommend sleeping with your legs above your heart level. The same is true for women who have varicose veins in the legs.

6. Insomnia and Nervous Tension

For those who suffer from insomnia and nervous tension, sleeping in a slightly different position every night can help. Also, the optional massage system can help relax you to sleep and relieve tension.

S750 Adjustable Bed
from 2,740.00

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Price overview:

  -with Riviera Mattress:  TwinXL-4000, King/Cal.King-8000

  -with Latex Mattress:  TwinXL-4200, King/Cal.King-8400

  -with Latex + Posturflo Mattress:  TwinXL-4360, King/Cal.King-8720


Click image for more details.

Price overview:

-with Riviera Mattress:  TwinXL-2740, King-5480

-with Latex Mattress:  TwinXL-2940, King-5880

-with Latex + Posturflo Mattress:  TwinXL-3100, King-6200