NO mold, mildew or PBDEs means no E B G Bs! At Design Sleep we have a practical, simple approach to children’s mattresses. We hand-pick the purest and most durable components and build our own product to allow choice of style, firmness, and price. We have created our line of kids mattresses by developing chemically safe mattresses costing significantly less than the “Organic” online mattress sellers. We use only tightly felted merino wool as a fire retardant… (no pbde or any other chemical fire retardant.)
Safe answers for your child’s nighttime breathing… We ship everywhere! SEE OUR PRICES for the Healthy Kids Collection. They may help you sleep better.

Healthy Kids Mattresses

Is what I’m breathing ORGANIC or tested for unsafe chemicals & allergens?


“Organic mattresses” are finally popular. Many manufactures have joined the green, greener, greenest contest. We focus on function, performance and sleep health-science. Sorry, we are not the most “organicest” mattress (we use a plastic zipper, ect…). However, that said… we test every component in our beds to the

highest European standards for chemical and allergen safety for children and even babies. 

Healthy Toddler
from 429.00

The Euro Toddler Mattress is our solution to searching for an affordable, healthy, safe choice for your child. This bed can be later upgraded with one of our toppers in order to be suitable for tweens and teens.

Healthy Kids
from 649.00

The Euro Kids mattress is very durable with a conventional firm feel for young children. During the teen years, it can be easily upgraded by adding our mattress topper.

Healthy Latex
from 660.00

This is a fantastic bed for ALL teens. Teen girls especially love this bed, because it yields better to their curves and provides ideal comfort for hours of homework (and smart phone....)

Euro Simple
from 800.00

Our best solution for teens, young adults, and even young couples. With a feel similar to our adult mattress models, this highly effective healthy sleep solution is such a great value because it uses the coil design from our childrens' mattresses.

PBDE & other chemical fire retardants in Kids mattresses

We are not organic fanatics or conspiracy theorists, but new laws have raised our concerns. As of July 2007 a new Federal law (16 CFR Part 1633) that mandates all mattresses pass ‘open-flame’ testiing has surged the use of chemical fire retardants. Across the world, scientists are studying Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs), the family of chemicals that act as flame retardants. The results of their studies are of great concern. They are finding extremely high levels of these neurotoxic, and potentially carcinogenic, chemicals in the bodies of humans and wildlife. PBDEs are found in breast milk and breast tissue and have been linked to breast cancer and some say may impair the brain function and motor skills of children. All PBDEs disrupt thyroid hormone balance which is critical to proper brain development both in the womb and after birth. However, all we know for certain is pbde and other chemical fire retardants are very questionable. See all our Chemical fire retardant free & PBDE free mattresses.

The Design Sleep Solution
We have created our line of kids mattresses by developing chemically safe mattresses costing significantly less than the “Organic” online mattress sellers. See our prices for the Healthy Kids Collection:

Our mattress systems are designed and built with clean and natural materials to promote healthy sleep. Every component we use in our beds, including our natural latex, is tested and rated environmentally safe by Eco-Tex, a German testing board with stringent environmental standards. We never use PDBE’s or other chemical flame retardants, and we refuse to buy from companies that do. Our cover made from 100% organic cotton is quilted to organic wool for breathability and reduced humidity for a more comfortable, healthier sleeping environment. And we offer a full line of natural bedding, including The Oxygen Pillow, mattress pads made with 100% organic cotton, organic cotton sheets, and natural wool-filled comforters that are Eco certified.

Chemicals are common in U.S. mattresses
Unfortunately, many conventional mattresses harbor chemicals and allergens that can adversely affect our sleep and health. Chemical substances, which can remain in the mattress from the manufacturing process or be deliberately added, reduce sleep quality by impairing breathing, and synthetic materials trap moisture in the mattress causing allergens such as molds, mildews, and dust mites to thrive.

Most mattresses made in the U.S. are composed of polyester fiberfill, polyurethane, and tempered steel coils. A few are made of visco-elastic “memory” foam. Many of these mattresses contain chemical residues, which are the by-products of material processing or the use of solvent-based glues, dyes, and fire retardant treatments during manufacturing. These chemicals can outgas over time and cause breathing and potential health problems-especially for people with allergies, asthma, or sleep apnea. Some chemicals found in beds pose serious health risks. PBDE (polybrominated diphenyl ether) is sometimes added to polyurethane foams as a fire-retardant. PBDE has been linked to numerous health risks for children and adults as well as being a likely environmental toxin.
Mattresses and bedding can trigger allergies
As we sleep, the heat and perspiration we produce create the ideal environment for allergens like dust mites, molds, and mildews. Thus, the construction of a mattress should ideally consist of breathable, natural materials that allow air to circulate and moisture to evaporate. Mattresses comprised of synthetic materials trap moisture and become havens for such allergens, contributing to allergic symptoms, poor breathing, and worsening asthma in many people. And according to a recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, dust-mite covers for mattresses did not alleviate symptoms.