Uncompromised Health, Comfort, and Value

We have traveled the world to find the purest and most durable components to build better beds. All of our components are certified by Öko-Tex Standard 100 confirming that they conform to the strictest European standard for harmful substances and chemicals in mattresses. Combined, they create a clean bed for healthier, more restful sleep. 

  •  Covers made with 100% organic cotton quilted to 100% organic wool
  •  All Natural Merino Wool Quilting for Breath-ability
  •  100% All Natural Latex Foam Cushioning
  •  Independent Flexible Steel Coils 


ALL our components are certified by Öko-Tex Standard 100 confirming that they conform to the strictest European standard for harmful substances and chemicals in mattresses. For a validity check of individual components, please visit: www.oeko-tex.com Enter certificate number into the ‘validity check’ box (bottom middle) and search. Due to the proprietary information on our certifications they only on display for customers in our retail store.


COTTON KNIT - 93.0.3463    
COIL POLYPROPYLENE  FABRIC ~ 64930 & 10.0.81778
BACKING- 94.0.7467

Organic Cotton ~ The Perfect Fiber for a Natural Mattress

Organic cotton (see our supplier's certification)  is the common thread in just about every product we make. In fact, we use organic knit cotton to finish all of our mattresses and bedding products. There’s good reason: It possesses so many qualities that are integral to great mattress performance and comfortable bedding. It’s reliable, natural, clean, breathable, stretchy, and soft.


Why We Don’t Compromise on Organic Cotton

Cotton plays an important role in a good night’s sleep. Because it is such a breathable fiber, it reduces humidity. That translates into better body temperature regulation, improved mattress durability, and fewer allergens.  We specifically use organic stretch-knit cotton on our mattresses, pillow tops, mattress pads, and pillow covers to dramatically reduce surface tension. Less surface tension means less contact pressure and motion transfer. And it’s hard to find a fiber that has a better texture. Cotton just plain feels good against your skin.

Like all the materials we use in our products, we don’t compromise on quality. We use organic, long staple cotton—longer fibers reflect higher quality cotton. Our German cotton supplier has been producing knit fabrics for 60 years. They take care to wash their raw cotton, eliminating allergens that come from ultra-fine cotton dust. And their commitment to product quality and environmental responsibility is reflected in its two Oeko-Tex certifications.

 Organic Stretch-Knit Cotton Features

  • Breathable: Reduces humidity for better sleep temperature
  • Stretch-knit weave: Reduces surface tension for deeper contour and less motion
  • Soft texture: Ideal for surfaces that make contact with skin
  • Certified to be chemically safe by Oeko-Tex. A clean, healthy fiber

Plein Air Wool ~ The Benefits of Wool Quilting

Plein Air wool (see our certification) is a key ingredient in all our mattresses. Sometimes the best technology is the oldest. We love to find innovative solutions, but there is no getting around the perfection of wool fiber for enhancing mattress performance. For this we have Mother Nature to thank.


Why Wool is Perfect

A mattress’s quilting directly affects your sleep temperature. While most U.S. mattress producers use non-breathable synthetic fibers like polyester to upholster and quilt their mattresses, Design Sleep uses wool. Sleep studies have shown that wool creates better temperature regulation, thereby lowering your heart rate and allowing you to sleep soundly—a big health incentive. Wool wicks moisture and allows it to evaporate, keeping you and your mattress drier. You sleep more comfortably, and your mattress does not become a breeding ground for allergens like mold, mildew, and dust mites. Wool is also a natural fire-retardant, so our mattresses comply with fire regulations while remaining chemical-free.

Our German-sourced wool is certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100, a strict set of European environmental guidelines. And our supplier uses a natural soda bath washing process to achieve the cleanest wool.

Wool provides the same advantages when it is used for bedding as it does inside your mattress. We offer twin, queen, and king-sized wool-filled duvets that are imported from Slovenia. They are warmer when you’re cold, cooler when you’re hot, and drier when it’s humid.

Plein Air Wool Features

  • Transports moisture: Better body temperature regulation and fewer allergens
  • Natural fire retardant: No chemicals needed
  • Durable: Wool’s natural crimp makes it exceptionally resilient
  • Certified to be chemically safe by Oeko-Tex. A clean, healthy fiber.
  • Excellent temperature regulator providing thermal balance
  • Moisture absorbing (up to 30% of weight/ synthetics max 4%)
  • Highly resistant to dust mites, mold and other allergens
  • Naturally flame retardant
  • Chemically safe

Plein-Air Wool®is the term used for wool that comes from sheep which live outside all year round. This livestock husbandry results in a naturally more curly and longer fiber, while providing the sheep a more humane habitat.

The strong natural curl provides lasting resilience, bounce and loft that is superior to mechanically crimped wool fiber which will matt down faster. The artificial crimping process used by some wool producers creates strain on the fibers causing them to break easier which results in shorter fibers. This has a direct negative effect on the long-term resilience and loft of the product.

There are zero chemicals used during the wool growing and processing steps. The sheep are not dipped or treated with any pesticides or herbicides.

After shearing, the wool goes through three washing cycles with increasing temperatures (90° - 140°F) followed by a cold rinse in pure water. During the washing cycles pure baking soda and water is used – nothing else. The drying takes place in drum driers and the wool is then cooled down on cooling racks for 24-28 hours before pressing and packaging.

After the washing process the lanolin (oil) content of the wool is less than 1%. This virtually eliminates the typical sheep odor and the risk of moth infestation. The plein-air wool is harvested from the back and belly only. This is a very important factor as usually wool for "fill" (as opposed to garments) also comes from the legs and crotch of the animal where it is impossible to completely wash out the smell.

Natural Latex Cushioning ~ Latex Foam for Natural Sleep Comfort


Selecting the foam with which to cushion our mattresses was easy. Latex is the natural choice. Though natural latex foam is widely used in Europe, many Americans are just now discovering its superior attributes. Put simply, natural latex is exactly what mattress cushioning should be: durable, elastic, and green. (see our certification)

Why Latex is Better

Known for its durability, natural latex is a dense, resilient material derived from rubber. It possesses tremendous elasticity (stretchiness) which makes it excellent for minimizing contact pressure and motion transfer. Unlike polyurethane foam, it performs reliably and maintains its physical integrity over time. It is able to fill a tall order: to be soft, flexible, and stable.

Natural, green latex is also desirable for its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial properties. More breathable than synthetic foam, it not only resists mold and mildew, but also discourages dust mites, making latex the ideal choice for a healthy mattress.

The European testing board Oeko-Tex certifies that our latex meets the highest standard for cleanliness and purity. The latex we use is free of toxic substances, including formaldehydes, bromides, and PBDE’s (Polybrominated diphenal ethers, which are used in chemical flame retardants). Our latex includes no fillers and has been thoroughly washed to remove all soaps and residues.

Design Sleep uses natural latex exclusively in our mattress models, pillow top, pillows and wedge. Rest easy and sleep soundly knowing you’re cradled by all-natural latex. 

Latex Features

  • Made from Rubber: It’s natural and durable—resistant to sag
  • Elastic by nature: Conforms to body shape without bounce or movement
  • Anti-allergen: Better for nighttime breathing
  • Certified to be chemically safe by Oeko-Tex

European Pocket Coils ~ A Better Coil System for Better Sleep

Coils are the foundation of your mattress. And like the foundation of a house, you want your mattress foundation to be well-built and able to withstand natural wear. Because the foundation is so crucial, we’ve worked hard to obtain the best in coil design and manufacturing.


Sourcing a Better Coil

We source our steel coils from Germany and Sweden for a reason: superior performance. The innovative coil designs we use in our various mattress styles feature pocketed coils that have been pre-loaded to the “active zone”—the ideal compression point for a coil’s performance. This pre-compression creates a more specific body contour and less motion transfer. And our mattresses have a greater coil count—often twice as many—as the typical American-made mattress. They are also stronger and more flexible than standard American tempered steel coils.

We’ve also incorporated the latest in cutting-edge coil design with the Alpine’s bi-level interactive coil and the pre-compressed base- and micro-coil designs used in our Nordic series. These specialty coils have unique performance characteristics that provide subtle variations in feel and dynamic. Like all our materials, our coils have been certified free of hazardous substances by Oeko-Tex, the independent European testing board.

Coil Features

  • German and Swedish design: Innovative; engineered for greater performance characteristics
  • High-quality manufacturing: Flexible, durable, resistant to sag
  • Pocketed and pre-loaded: Excellent contour and motion transfer control
  • High coil count: Greater density and stability

Why we use polypropylene covered pocket coils.

Here's where we may not be right for the purest. The prime focus in our mattress design is function and  durable, ergonomic performance not organic certification. While all our materials are certified chemically safe, mostly natural and some are certified organic we use polypropylene for our pocketed coil material because it performs better than cotton which is the only organic material available. 

PP is quick drying which is important to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria inside your mattress. It is very quiet and does not make crunchy noises when you move in bed. Unlike cotton, it allows the hot-melt (solvent free) glue to bond tightly to it to prevent separation of the rows of coils guaranteeing exceptional durability.

We believe that the earth is better served by a bed that has a long and well-performing life span. As with everything else in life the right balance has to be struck between natural and functional.  In this case  our experience has taught us using 100% natural cotton pocket coils can lead to premature wear due to its structural and moisture retention qualities. 

Our nonwoven polypropylene is a chemically safe material that has been developed over 50 years ago and since been widely used for all kinds of everyday applications (food packaging, clothing, diapers) It is also used in the medical field for sutures, artificial vascular grafts, catheters and disposable syringes. It has been used for pocketed coils for decades and proven to work extremely well. For those who can not eat yogurt out of the standard polypropylene container.. we may not be right for you.