Euro Posturflo


Euro Posturflo

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~ Organic stretch cotton cover for comfort & climate
~ Pure Merino wool lining creates a dry sleeping climate
~100% Natural Talalay latex made for comfort    
~ 1200/queen British Posturflo coils for airflow & conformability
~ 900/queen Swedish coils for conforming support & optimal ergonomic alignment in any sleeping position.  
~ Exceptionally durable - no turning or flipping needed
~ Inherently hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal

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Euro Posturflo was designed with literally everyone in mind. Our goal was to create the perfect mattress for a 5 star hotel: something that would produce accurate posture and structural alignment results for the widest range of body types and weights with a classic luxurious plush-firm feel. The 900 Swedish base coils are very unique in this design. Pre-compressing a 12 inch coil and encasing it in a 6 inch pocket creates a more dynamic firm coil.  These base coils get firmer very gradually as they are further compressed by hips and shoulders. Unlike base coils that typically only add support, these coils are very conforming and add comfort as well.

The unique top coils,  imported from England, were designed to add a more lifting support to your comfort layer while adding airflow closer to your body.   We have added an additional layer of pure merino wool in between the 2 coil layers to eliminate buoyancy and provide a stable solid feel.    This design has allowed us to achieve results in posture and alignment in one mattress that was literally impossible a few years ago.  Experience for yourself how lifting comfort and conforming support will change your sleep and mattress expectations forever.