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Twin or TwinXL -350.  Full-n/a.  Queen-600. King/California King -700

~ Independent, flexible & supportive slats
~ Prevents the twisting of the lower back
~ Adjustable, targeted support for tailored fit
~ Individual sides – no roll-together or bounce
~ My side & your side adjust independently
~ Fits any frame – replaces a box spring

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Click to watch our glorious 3 min. of fame on the news explaining how we use Euroslats to provide better spinal alignnment.

The ingenious European-style alternative
The slat suspension was invented in Switzerland over 60 years ago and accounts for over 70% of bed sales in Europe.

Yet, in the U.S. it is relatively new. Euro Slats provide targeted lower back and knee support as well as targeted shoulder and hip relief. Men and women have different needs for support and pressure relief. Euro Slats allow us to provide support and pressure relief tailored to fit the different curves of men and women, eliminating sag and roll together. Our Euro Slat systems work in perfect harmony with our range of mattresses to prevent any twisting or sagging of your back. In addition, the slat settings can be modified over time to accommodate changing body needs or comfort preferences.

Slat Suspension ~ Our slat suspension consists of two parallel rows of responsive steam-cambered beech wood slats mounted into thermo-plastic shocks. Euro slats are extremely active, providing just the right amount of give and support for the body’s critical pressure areas. You will easily feel exceptional pressure relief on your shoulders and hips and better support at the lower back and knees on this state of the art European sleep system.