Yoga for Sleep Hygeine

This simple yoga inspired exercise can be especially helpful on nights you need to de-stress and get to sleep Sooner Not Later.

The room should be sleep-ready with lights off. Begin by sitting cross-legged on your bed. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Let go of all activities of the day or worries for tomorrow. Breathe in and out and meditate for a few minutes to begin.

Place your right hand on your left knee then straighten your spine as you inhale. Then exhale while turning your torso to the left. While holding this position, take several deep breaths. When ready, exhale and return to the starting position. Switch hands/knees and repeat.

Bend forward at the hips then stretch your hands forward. Hold the pose while breathing deeply. Next stretch your legs while in the sitting position. Breathe deeply.

In slow movements, lie on your back. Draw one knee to your chest then hug your leg to your chest while taking several deep breaths.  Switch legs and repeat.

Let all your muscles relax. Go To Sleep.