Better Sleep Cannot Be Boxed

Order a Mattress in a Box???

Definitely not a good idea. Not even close. At best a quick fix without lasting quality. Forget ergonomics, forget personal fit, give up on actually having  YOUR choice.

But hey, go ahead. Order it. Join the over 20% who got it wrong. 

Because product trends and marketing value your money not your health.

Sleep is important. Sleep is good. This is when we recharge to stay at our creative and energetic best. Why compromise on that? Why copy other people? This is about You and Your Needs.

Budget what you can to buy better comfort and quality. The return will be incredible and well beyond the price. This is a personal value that cannot be boxed. 


Can a mattress help me sleep cooler?

Can a mattress help me sleep cooler?

As the body’s metabolism works throughout the night, perspiration is released as water vapor. Synthetic bedding and foam in mattresses trap and hold this moisture because air can’t circulate. As body heat and moisture build up, your heart rate increases, which elevates blood pressure and causes shallower sleep. At a time when you should be resting, your heart isn’t. You may awaken in a sweat, unable to return to sleep, or you may wake up in the morning feeling like you didn’t get enough sleep; And you lacked the deeper delta sleep cycle that contributes to good health.

fixing poor nighttime breathing


HOW DEEP I BREATHE is as important as WHAT I am Breathing

Breathing is the most important factor for quality sleep. Full oxygen intake restores our bodies, enabling us to awaken refreshed. Shallow breathing reduces the depth of sleep. Dramatically reduced breathing due to snoring or sleep apnea can result in serious health issues, including an increased risk of stroke and cardiovascular problems.


As we sleep, we naturally position ourselves in ways that allow us to breathe and swallow. We’ll often sacrifice a comfortable posture to achieve a deep breath. Some common adaptations include propping the head up with an arm and stacking or folding pillows.

For optimal oxygen intake, the body must lie in a supported,”open” position. Poor posture will restrict the airway and reduce full lung capacity. These posture problems can dramatically reduce your quality of sleep and increase the incidence of breathing disorders, such as snoring or sleep apnea.


Our mattress system is designed to provide stability, support, and comfort. It accommodates the curves of hips and shoulders to encourage optimal torsional and lateral spinal alignment. By promoting a neutral posture free from strain, deeper breathing can be attained for a more restful, restorative night’s sleep.
To help maintain a breathable environment, we also offer a full line of natural bedding. Our Oxygen Pillow is designed to increase air intake, and our stretch cotton mattress pads, organic cotton sheets, and wool-filled comforters are Eco-Tex certified to be environmentally safe.

What is the best mattress for back support?


Your back should be free from sagging and twisting while you sleep. Maintaining torsional alignment in which the spine is not twisted or turned is more important to comfortable, pain-free sleep than simply maintaining a straight spine.Our spines can rotate and twist and misalignment of the spine during sleep can lead to muscular skeletal stress, muscular stiffness, and back pain in the morning.