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108 Dayton St, Yellow Springs, OH
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Danielle Novario
2 months ago
Awesome experience at Design Sleep! Amazing customer service from the very patient Sales Manager. All of our questions were thoroughly answered while we were there for hours with our 3 small children. We tried several mattresses and really received good advice on which would be best for us. Awesome service and awesome product! We LOVE our mattress!
Stacy Strousse
3 months ago
Love Stacy and Mike! We've purchased three mattresses from Design Sleep in the past three years, and cannot imagine going to a traditional mattress store ever again. We love the personal service, especially when it came to our mattress. My sciatica, which was becoming a daily issue, is completely gone since getting my new mattress. My husband loves it as well, which is amazing since he's a cynic and didn't believe that a mattress could make a difference. He's a frequent traveller for work, and was spoiled by the fancy hotel beds. Now it's the other way around - our bed has spoiled him! I cannot recommend Desigb Sleep enough!
Lin Jen
2 weeks ago
The best sales experience of my life.......I love my mattress ! Comfortable..easy to rest. Thank you Stacey . I would recommend Design Sleep to everyone .
E Smith
2 months ago
Excellent service and even more excellent beds. After being extremely happy with our bed purchase, we ordered a crib mattress and our guest bed without even going back to the store.
Kelli Leingang Pitrone
3 months ago
Great experience! Excellent customer service and all around great people! Bed is awesome id buy again in a heartbeat!
Darrell Crowe
4 months ago
Quite possibly the best purchasing experience I've ever had with any business. We received literally hours of personalized service (including on days/times when they weren't supposed to be open) to make sure we got exactly the right mattress and pillows. The product is excellent and we saw an immediate improvement in our sleep. But I can't say enough about the unbelievable customer service.
Don & Cyndi Shurts - REMAX VICTORY
a year ago
We've had our Design Sleep mattress for several years now and love it! In fact we have three Design Sleep mattresses in our home, each of our sons has one! Mike and the team are great. They have given great service and have gone beyond our expectations in service and customer support. We highly recommend Design Sleep in Yellow Springs, OH.
Kelly Tanner
a year ago
Design Sleep in hands down the best store around! Wow! Words cannot express how amazing their products are or their customer service. We recently went in to purchase a new mattress after having owned 4 different mattresses in two and a half years. We were immediately impressed by the quality of the products. They were in a completely different league than the other companies we had looked at.

After lying on many different beds we purchased the Scandinavia with a topper. They said it would be 4-5 weeks but 1.5 later they were calling and delivered it 2 weeks from the day we bought it. I so badly wanted to love this mattress but unfortunately I could not get comfortable. I have a bit of "Princess and the pea" syndrome :) and immediately called them to tell them that I was not comfortable. The same day Stacy was out to my house to try to adjust my slats to make it better. Still it didn't work for me. They had a back in the showroom (often with 3 kids in tow who they never once complained about). After that Mike came to our home to better understand what wasn't working for me.

The next day we went in and they had custom created a bed for us. It is essentially the Sweden with another 1.25" of super soft talalay latex on top. OH MY HEAVENS it was like laying on heaven. EVERYONE should sleep on this bed! We ordered it and less than two weeks later it was on my bed and I was sleeping better than I have in years!

The team at Design Sleep (Mike, Stacy, and Jessica) are truly amazing people and they go above and beyond to not only make sure you have the best product but to treat you with respect and care. I can honestly say that I look forward to going to Yellow Springs just so I can drop in to say hi! :)
Gary Elliott
2 years ago
These folks went to the mat for my dieing mother. They gave her comfort, eased her pain and made me realize these are some FINE people left in the world.
Six stars ya'll
Regan Loudner
2 years ago
I cannot even begin to express my gratitude for Michael and Design Sleep. Mike spent countless hours with me answering questions, learning about my individual mattress needs, and finding the perfect bed for me.

I found Design Sleep when I spent hours researching organic and chemical free mattresses. I knew I wanted a bed that was healthy and did not contain any toxic materials.

I had unique needs when looking for the perfect bed as I have been in a car accident which made sleeping comfortably difficult for me. After sleeping on the couch for a year, I decided to purchase a new bed from Design sleep. Mike worked with me for several months to try to make the new bed fit my needs so that I would have the perfect night of sleep.

I ended up purchasing another bed from Design Sleep. I purchased the Swedish Mattress and Pillow topper. For the first time in years, I was able to sleep in a bed. I love that I can adjust the bed to suit my individual needs and that I am sleeping on a healthy mattress.

I ended up moving a year after purchasing my bed and my bed was altered in the move. As a result, I ended up having back pain and found myself sleeping on the couch again. I called Mike, and he happily came out and worked with me to adjust the slats so that the bed supported my back and decreased pressure on my back.

Mike is passionate about helping people and is an expert on sleep. I highly recommend Design Sleep to anyone who is searching for a healthy toxic free mattress. The staff at Design Sleep go over and beyond to assist their customers. I am so pleased with the service and support that I received from Design Sleep!

Thank you to Mike and the staff at Design Sleep for assisting me to find the perfect bed!

Regan Loudner
Columbus, Ohio

Morgan LeClaire
6 months ago
Pretentious and expensive
Tom Smith
3 years ago
I wish that I had discovered Design Sleep eons ago!

Our positive experience began with the purchase of a latex organic mattress and customizable European slat system (a slam-dunk alternative to box-springs). We made our purchase two years ago and we’ve NEVER slept better! It’s actually hard to go on vacation because we never get the same good night sleep that we get with our Design Sleep bed. This is the best investment we’ve ever made for getting a good night sleep.

Within months of our organic mattress / slat system purchase, we went back to Design Sleep to purchase the Oxygen pillows. This is the second best investment that we’ve ever made for getting a good night sleep. You’ll pay a little more for the Oxygen pillow than a standard pillow, but its well worth it. There are 13 different fits to choose from for finding that perfect match to your personal sleeping habits. In addition to the great night of sleep that we get on our bed, we actually breathe better (hence Oxygen pillow) which makes us sleep even better!

Finally, for the past several years my wife and I have been in the market for a new bedroom set. We looked at everything; big box, specialty furniture, Amish made, etc. After learning more about the furniture that Design Sleep offers, that was another slam dunk!—They have beautiful, custom made furniture choices that were within our budget! We ended up purchasing a gorgeous cherry platform bed and all of the case goods to match. We couldn’t be happier with our new room.

So far, I’ve only mentioned the wonderful products that Design Sleeps offers. Here’s something else that you get with your purchase(s): a customer service experience that is second to none! Bottom line: Mike and his staff know their products and they know how to take care of their customers! They treated us like we were gold! When we had a small delivery glitch; Mike made it right. When we needed extra time and help with our purchases, Design Sleep made it right. Overall: fantastic products, extraordinary service and a great buying experience! What more could you ask for?

We are Design Sleep customers for life! Thank you Mike!

A Google User
A Google User
6 years ago
I feel compelled to write this after sleeping wonderfully for over a year on our new mattress from Design Sleep. When it came time to get this new mattress, my husband, who works in sleep medicine, and I knew we did not want to go the route of a conventional mattress again. We had spent alot of money before, purchased under pressure at a big box store, and slept terribly for many years! Plus, the more I read about the horribly toxic chemicals used in conventional mattresses the more I knew I wanted something better! So this time we went to Design Sleep.

The first thing you will notice about being in their tranquil shop is that this is old-school service. It's just you and the staff. It's calm and there is no pressure. You are provided with lots of well explained information and get ample opportunity to try the mattresses (can I say again, with NO pressure!). The entire purchasing process was a breath of fresh air. You get to customize exactly what you want for your sleeping needs.

But of course the true test of satisfaction with a new bed is how well did you sleep? We purchased a bed where you can adjust the amount of support that you have at pressure points (such as shoulders and hips). So after just a couple of nights and subsequent adjustments, now it is perfect for my husband on his side and perfect for me on my side. I can not over emphasis that each night when I crawl into bed I literally think to myself "this is the best bed ever!" and I wake up with not an ache or pain in my body (a common occurrence with the conventional mattress). We also purchased the luxurious chemical free bedding too, which adds to the experience but is not an initial necessity. I am reminded of what a great mattress I own each time I travel and have a terrible night sleep. I will never go back to conventional mattresses.

I have recommended Design Sleep's chemically safe mattresses to everyone I know who has children. (We also purchased a smaller bed for our child). You spend much of your life sleeping and it should be in the best environment possible! You will not regret a bed from Design Sleep.

Best wishes, A family who sleeps well in Dayton Ohio
A Google User
A Google User
5 years ago
WE LOVE OUR BED! Well worth the investment. Sleeping well at night makes everything else you do in a day seem better. It is worth the investment. Mike is great to work with. Talked with us as long as we wanted. Answered all or our questions. We left and thought about it and came back later to finally purchase. Mike never pressured us. The only draw back is how spoiled you will become. Sleeping anywhere else will be difficult after this bed.