Luonto Furniture      Sleeper Sofas

Handmade in Finland

Luonto Furniture was founded in 1964 with the idea that high quality furniture should be available at fair prices.  The company has grown, but is still family owned and operated, and still holds itself to the high standards of quality and value.  Every piece of Luonto furniture is individually custom built and bench-made.  Most craftsmen have over twenty years of experience, and several generations of families have been part of the team.


In Finland, sustainability and love of the environment are deeply embedded in the culture.  Therefore, Finish manufactures adhere to some of the strictest environmental standards in the world.  In comparison to mass production, the craftsmanship and hand-made approach creates minimal waste and emissions, and consumes a minimal amount of energy and water.  The wood waste created throughout the process is utilized to heat the production facilities and the local community.  Wood used in production is also sourced from sustainable Finish forest.  Whenever a forest is harvested in Finland, the trees are replaced for future use.  The life cycles of these forests are roughly 80 years.


With a focus on Scandinavian design and quality, Luonto also emphasizes fuctionality. Sleeper sofas remain one of the most functional additions to any home but have historically been avoided for everyday seating.  Luonto designs work around the mechanisms to ensure superior comfort in both sitting and sleeping positions.  

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