Cherry is one of the most unique of all woods found in nature. With its fine, soft hue and swirling grain, it begins its life a light pinkish color. As it is exposed to light, the wood becomes a deeper and richer red- brown. The process is rather dramatic the first two years and will continue for the life of the piece. 

Maple is a dense, strong wood with fine straight graining sometimes with figured bird’s eye or burl variations. Its sapwood can vary from shades of soft white to cream with decorative streaks of tan, grey or black heartwood. 

We offer a wide selection of durable, stain resistant hand wiped finishes suiting many styles and needs. Our specially designed formulas are easy to maintain, only requiring a soft damp cloth for cleaning. No polishes or cleaning products are required or recommended. 

Our furniture is thoughtfully crafted from solid cherry or maple hardwood. However, on specific applications it is better to use specially selected high grade, plain sliced hardwood veneers. Veneers enable added durability for Case Backs and Drawer Bottoms or stain resistance on table top writing surfaces. 

All of our hardwood drawers are assembled with precision FINGER DOVETAIL JOINTS, which are still considered the best construction method today. The drawers on all the case pieces operate on a superior 100 lb., under mount concealed ball bearing drawer glides for added strength and durability. 

Concealed metal support bars are installed on the underside of all double dressers and entertainment units, providing weight bearing support to prevent sagging. 

Due to natural variations in wood, over which we have no control, wood furniture is sold subject to differences, irregular colors, surface grains, and texture.