Our  passion is helping people refresh their life with sleep. We believe your side of the mattress, should be personally fitted to address the specific needs of your body, using the healthiest most durable materials available. If you enjoy learning, want a healthier lifestyle, and believe in honesty, quality, and value then you will love Design Sleep. For over 23 years we have built and sold solid wood platform beds and European-style mattresses and are convinced they work better, last longer, look better, and save money... and if  you like finely crafted, clean line, functional furniture, you will feel right at home at Design Sleep.


Why Design Sleep?

Uncompromised sleep 
refreshes life and makes the world a better place. Deep sleep is essential to health, growth, healing, and a happy life!

How Euroslats give better back support.

Uncompromised custom alignment and support by engineered performance... tailored to fit you.  

Understand mattress performance

Uncompromised design. What you need to know before you buy anywhere.

... take a virtual walk through our store downstairs and upstairs!

... and why should I visit Design  Sleep?

1; SEE OUR PRICES & PRODUCTS... We guarantee the best prices and products available anywhere. You will sleep better knowing that you did not pay too much at Design Sleep. We are not pushy sales people.What we do is more like teaching a health class on sleep than selling bedding. We want your shopping experience to be comfortable and personal. We believe that if our prices are great, product is better and service is genuine, you will be back when you are ready. 

#2: We share a wealth of information for free. We have traveled the world and spent over 24 years researching, developing, and making mattresses that scientifically promote better sleep. We can help you avoid a lot of common mistakes mattress shoppers make. 

#3: We can customize his and her side of the bed. You don't have to compromise, and if you do not love your custom mattress we will even modify until you do! 

#4: We offer organic, chemically safe mattresses. We even customize our organic mattress to offer two people individual comfort in one bed. We guarantee you will love or we'll modify it till you do. 

#5: We only sell what we believe works, and offers the best value: European sleep systems and the highest quality natural latex foam mattresses available. 

#6: We are platform bed specialists. Beds should be seen and not heard! Our hardwood platform beds are solid, will not squeak or shake, and don't require a box spring. 

#7: We are firm believers in ergonomic seating for the home.  Where you relax and spend your time at home should fit YOU perfect!   If you 4'8" or 6'4" and have searched everywhere, we have a chair to fit you!  

#8: Believe it or not we actually care. Although we all need to make a living to support our families, we are driven by a desire to really help people sleep better and consequently live better.

.... We ship everywhere and serve Dayton, Cincinnati, & Columbus OHIO providing the best quality, value, & service for... 

My Side / Your Side Custom Mattresses
Organic, chemically-safe Mattresses

Natural Latex Foam Mattresses
European Sleep Systems 
European Adjustable Beds
Ergonomic Home Seating
Solid Wood Platform Beds
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