Healthy Youth Latex


Healthy Youth Latex

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This is a fantastic bed for ALL (especially those who want the best). The only mattress your child will ever need. Every time you EASILY change the sheets you love the bed more. Fantastic for sleep and perfect for adjustable beds. It may even be your child’s couch…providing ideal comfort for hours of homework (and smart phone....)

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~ 3/4" Organic wool quilted top and bottom adds  comfort, creates dry sleeping climate, and makes this mattress two sided!

~ 100% Natural Talalay latex made in Holland, that is a six inche thick core of pure 100% natural latex

~ Vertical air channels for a comfortable, dry climate  AND  Inherently hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal

~ High performance breathable organic stretch cotton cover

~Long lasting a­­nd exceptionally durable ... No turning or flipping needed

Mike- OK this is my personal favorite. It is designed after my first latex mattress in 1992. Also as a side note... this mattress belongs on our Euroslats. Then it becomes ergonomic excellence for anyone within 30 pounds of their ideal weight up to 195.