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~ A luxurious floating feel that contours to fit your body
~ 1500 German pocket coils provide balanced support (Queen)
~ Natural latex foam for a soft and flexible surface feel
~ Breathable wool-lined cotton cover for cool, dry sleep
~ Four firmnesses to choose from ~ dual-sided for couples
~ Ecologically healthy components, built to last

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Lively, buoyant support ~ gentle pressure relief & conformability

The feel of the Venice mattress is conforming and lifting. It is gentle like an all latex mattress with the lifting qualities of a spring mattress, so this is a great bed for those who like both.  The base layer of 1500 individually encased pocket coils, create outstanding lift with a very conforming feel. Made in Germany, these high carbon steel coils are center glued and nested into each other. This dense, coil design allows a slightly softer coil to give greater comfort while creating ergonomic support through yielding and pressure reduction.

The 1500 pocket coils are topped by a two inch layer of the finest pure 100% natural latex foam to provide all the cushioning you could want without forming the premature sags and depressions so common in synthetic padding. This latex cushioning provides exceptional resilience and ventilation. 

We quilt stretch cotton to 100% PLein Air Merino wool to provide the comfort of thermal insulation and moisture regulation. You will sleep better in a drier, more breathable sleeping environment.