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~ A luxurious floating feel that contours to fit your body 
~ 800 Swedish hyper-compressed pocket coils provide balanced support 
~ Natural latex foam for a soft and flexible surface feel 
~ Breathable wool-lined cotton cover for cool, dry sleep 
~ Four firmnesses to choose from ~ dual-sided for couples 
~ Ecologically healthy components, built to last 

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Outstanding pressure relief and ergonomic alignment 
The feel of the Sweden mattress competes with the best high-end luxury beds. 
The base layer, individually encased hyper-compressed pocket coils, create 
exceptional performance. Made in Sweden, these high carbon steel coils are 
center glued and nested in a parallel pattern. The unique coils barely get firmer 
when compressed further by your shoulders and hips. This innovative design 
creates highly ergonomic support through increased surface contouring with 
exceptional pressure reduction from pre-compression. Hyper-compressed coils 
reduce the gravitational pressure on the body, providing more comfort and 
promoting correct spinal alignment for restful, rejuvenating sleep. 
The hyper-compressed pocket coil is topped by a two inch layer of the finest 
pure 100% natural latex foam to provide all the cushioning you could want 
without forming the premature sags and depressions of thicker synthetic 
padding. This latex cushioning provides exceptional resilience and ventilation. 
Each mattress is covered in the most comfortable organic stretch cotton lined 
with wool. We quilt to 100% pure Merino wool to provide the comfort of 
thermal insulation and moisture regulation. You will sleep better in a drier, 
more breathable sleeping environment.