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~ Two layers of high-grade Swedish coils
~ A total of 875Q micro coils over 736Q base coils
~ Natural latex foam for a soft and flexible surface feel
~ Breathable wool-lined cotton cover for cool, dry sleep
~ Two firmnesses to choose from ~ dual-sided for couples
~ Ecologically healthy components, built to last

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gentle, floating, buoyant support ~ responsive and resilient


For those who prefer an ultra-luxurious feel in a mattress, we created the LuxSweden. It still offers all the support of our other mattresses, but its dominant characteristic is a floating buoyancy rather than firmness. The secret to the lush feeling is a highly hyper-compressed layer of stretch pocket micro coils over pure natural latex over hyper-compressed parallel base coils. Only lying on this mattress can describe the symphony of these components. This unique hyper-compressed design greatly enhances body conformation while profoundly reducing pressure points. These amazing coils adjust to the body’s contours in a way that provides a weightless, enveloping feeling of sumptuous comfort. The top layers made with 100% organic cotton, organic merino wool, and 100% natural latex add even more comfort and exceptional breathability.


Because the primary cushioning of the LuxSweden comes from the micro coils and pure natural latex instead of polyester or polyurethane filler, it maintains the high-comfort factor without creating body impressions. Horizontal stability comes from the vertical compression of the double layered coil system, yet the buoyancy will not disappoint the one who wants to float into their dreams. . This is the true cloud nine bed.